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For years, we at SD CCS have been helping the property owners in the city to legalize their unpermitted constructions.



For years, we at SD CCS have been helping the property owners in the city to legalize their unpermitted constructions.



San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) requires appropriate permits to be obtained for all major construction projects to ensure that every building meets the zoning and safety standards and is safe for the occupants. Failure to obtain the necessary approvals may lead to code enforcement action that may result in fines, penalties, and even criminal prosecution. Luckily, San Diego allows property owners to legalize their unpermitted construction by obtaining a retroactive building permit, which means you won’t have to undo the work performed altogether. For years, we at SD CCS have been helping the property owners in the city to legalize their unpermitted constructions. Whether you have an ADU, room addition, loft addition, or second-story addition built on your property without required permits, we can provide you with the most economical and least invasive solution to bring it into compliance.



Some of the important reasons why you should legalize your unpermitted construction include;

  • It can reduce the resale value of your property
  • Unpermitted construction could not be covered by insurance
  • You could face fines, penalties, and a civil suit
  • It may create unsafe living conditions for the occupants

Legalize Unpermitted Construction In San Diego

Our Process to Correct and Resolve an Unpermitted Construction

Bringing an unpermitted construction up to the current codes and standards can be a complex endeavor. However, we work with you throughout the way to make things as stress-free for you as possible. Here is what we do to obtain a permit after the fact;

Site Visit

We will visit your property to see the type and scope of work done and determine whether or not a permit was required.

Meeting with SDHC

If the permit requirement is in question, we will meet the building department on your behalf to ensure that your unpermitted construction complies with the minimum zoning codes and regulations.

Drawing up Plans

We will draw a complete set of necessary plans that show that the work done meets all the zoning standards and regulations. Depending on the type of construction, you may need to submit structural, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings with your application. We make sure that all the drawings are impeccably accurate so that you can avoid any unnecessary revision cycles.

Application Submission

We will submit the application and supporting documents to SDHC for obtaining a retroactive building permit. If your construction meets the minimum zoning standards, the authorities expected to issue a retroactive building permit for your unpermitted construction in a few weeks.

Scheduling Initial Inspection

Once you obtain a retroactive building permit, we will schedule the initial inspection of your unpermitted with SDHC on your behalf. The inspector visiting your property will most probably examine foundations, framing, electrical, insulation, HVAC, and mechanical work to verify that it conforms to the drawings that you submitted and to the applicable codes and standards.

Remedial Work

If anything is found to be in violation of the code, the inspector will ask you to perform appropriate corrective action. We will assist you in correcting and resolving any issues to ensure that your construction complies with the city code in effect.

Scheduling Final Inspection

Once any required permits are obtained, we will schedule the final inspection with the building department. If everything is up to the applicable codes, building the department will issue a certificate of occupancy for your undocumented construction.

Legalize Unpermitted Construction Services In San Diego

Unpermitted Construction Legalization in San Diego

No matter what type of construction you have on your property, you can leverage our extensive knowledge and experience to obtain compliance. Reach out to us today to get started on legalizing your unpermitted construction.


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