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Building Violation Repair | SD CCS

Resolve Unpermitted Work Post Construction

Did You Get Notice Violation Letter From The City? Let Us Handle It

The city of San Diego requires all the new constructions, alterations, additions and improvements to be done in compliance with the required zoning laws and regulations to ensure that every building is safe for its occupants. Code enforcement cases in the city are typically initiated with an administrative action and continue through fines, penalties, and criminal or civil prosecution. The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) responds to a code violation by issuing a notice of compliance that requires the violation to be corrected within an allocated time. Depending on the type of complexity of the construction, the property owners may be required to undergo inspections, obtain appropriate permits, perform necessary remedial work or demolish the entire structure or a portion that is found to be in violation. Bringing a code violation up to the code can be intimidating unless you have an experienced contractor on your side to navigate the process. We at CCS Inc work with property owners in San Diego to remove all types of violations to bring their buildings up to the applicable codes. From obtaining any necessary permits to drawing any necessary plans and performing remedial work to representing in the inspections, we can help you at every step of the way until you obtain compliance. Some of the most common building violations issues we come across include;



If your property contains work that required a prior permit but was done without it, it is important to get it legalized – either by undoing it or obtaining a retroactive building permit.

No matter whether the violation involves an unpermitted ADU, room addition, extension or conversion, or improvement, the probability of getting it retroactively permitted is high if it already meets the minimum zoning laws.

We can find a way out to bring your unpermitted work up to the code in the most economical and least destructive way possible.

Retroactive Permit
Work Exempted from a Permit but Done in Violation

Exempted from a Permit but Done in Violation

Many minor repairs and site improvements usually do not require a permit. However, exemption from permits should not be considered as an authorization to build in violation of applicable building laws and ordinances.

If the work exempted from a building permit is done in violation of city codes, we can help make necessary corrections to bring it into compliance.

Building Violation Repair Services In San Diego


Housing Repair

Substandard housing conditions have a significant impact on health and well-being of the occupants of the building and can potentially lead to various chronic illnesses. That’s why it is considered a violation of the building codes.

We help those living in substandard conditions perform necessary remedial work and bring the living conditions into compliance with the zoning laws and health and safety codes.

Substandard Housing Repair
Soft Story Building

Soft Story


Soft story buildings are the most susceptible structures to collapse in the event of an earthquake. Seismic retrofitting of such structures is immensely important before an irreversible damage is done to your property.

We reinforce a building at risk of being collapsed during or after an earthquake by adding new structural components or altering those existing to bring it up to the code with San Diego’s latest seismic retrofitting laws.

Building Violation Repair Services In San Diego

Building Violation Repair Service

No matter the type of building violation issue you may be dealing with, you can rely on us to obtain compliance. Reach out to us to discuss your situation with one of our experts.


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