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How to build an ADU

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) are becoming very popular in today’s world due to the rising costs of single-family housing constructions and the increasing population. Therefore, Constructing an ADU is an excellent idea to work on in your property. By constructing ADUs, homeowners have an opportunity to earn extra income while providing reliable and affordable housing options to the surrounding community members.

Discussed below are some of the guidelines on how to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit in your property and some of the necessary considerations to take care of.

Check on the ADU laws and guidelines

One of the challenges to most homeowners willing to build ADUs is to work within the established ADU laws and guidelines framework depending on their local country and state rules. Therefore it is extremely important to consult professional ADU contractors such as CCS Inc. for guidance so as to avoid going against ADU laws and guidelines. They will always walk you through each and every required ADU legal procedure with no pressure or stress.

Decide on the type of Accessory dwelling Unit you want you to build

The common three ADUs are, the attached ADU, Detached ADU, and Interior ADU. They type of the ADU you pick will definitely depend on different user requirements.

Attached ADU

These are ADUs adjoined with the primary dwelling house. They can be adjoined form the side or rear of the main house as well as constructed on top of an attached garage. You may rent out your attached ADU in case you are in need of extra incomes.

Detached ADU

This is a smaller stand-alone home structure constructed separately from the main dwelling home. This type of Accessory Dwelling Unit is the best when it comes to supplementary income for it can be given out as a rental home for additional income as compared to the attached ADUs.

Interior Conversion

This is a type of an ADU built inside a main primary dwelling unit. It is built bu converting an existing space such as attic, basement or a garage. If you have a house with two entrances, this is a great option whereby you don’t actually use all the entrances.

Consult services of a recognized ADU contractors

Here, you will have to engage ADU professional designers, analysts and developers to undertake the actual project construction. They will help you with all the advice you need e.g. the materials, labor, amenities etc.

The design of your ADU also matters a lot. Work hand in hand with ADUs design experts to help you conceptualize your ideas into a reality. Companies such as CCS Inc. have great reputations when it comes to aesthetic ADU designs.

Space optimization

ADU housing will provide your family, friends, and relatives with additional space and privacy flexibility. So make sure that idol space on the rear or side of your primary dwelling is fully optimized. That idle seated garage can also be converted to an additional ADU housing. The ADU you built there could be used to earn you extra incomes when you rent them up e.g. on short periods of time.

Eco-friendly considerations

Consider building an ADU if you are environmentally conscious. ADU housing has minimal environmental impacts s compared to other primary house constructions. This is because it takes less space and resources.

Need help with your ADU project?

CCS Inc can help you with ADU project today along with financing. We deliver cost-effective high quality ADU solutions. Let our talented engineers do all the design, permits and site preparation for you, contact us today to learn more!